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 1.Descriptions of catalogue:
The descriptions of our products in the on-line catalogue are without any engagement and do not describe the characteristics of the corresponding product. 

In case the offered goods in our online-catalogue should show a discrepancy in prices, Jomro has the right to cancel the contract,irrespective of any existing legal avoidance. 

3.Delivery times
The delivery times and availabilities in the online-catalogue indicated by Jomro are based on the information of the suppliers of Jomro and are related to the working days from Monday to Friday. They are statements without engagement as to delivery times and availabilities.

4.Exclusion of liability
Jomro arranges the contents of these internet pages with great accuracy and takes care for an up-to-date status. Nevertheless these descriptions do only serve for general information without guarantee and do not replace a detailed individual consultation. Jomro does neither guarantee the actuality, correctness and completeness of information on these pages nor do they give permanent access to them. Jomro is neither reliable for links on internet pages of third parties nor for the contents of the links on the pages. By the clicking the link you leave the informative offer of Jomro. 

5.Data security
All personal data on the webside of Jomro are stored up and treated for your individual care, the remittance of product information or the submission of service offers. They assure as well that your information will be treated confidentially in accordance with the legal data security regulations valid at that time.

January 2006